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Caring for your pets health and well-being takes a lot of time and effort! Whether you find that there's just not enough time in the day to fit everything in, or you're exhausted from work or running around after the kids - Don't stress, you have come to the right place, Leading Paws will happily help you! We're here whenever you need, to assist you with dog walking, pet minding/visits (in-home), Backyard bath/brush and an animal chaperone/Vet visits, with the added peace of mind that we are professional, insured and trained in basic animal first aid! Please read below for details on each service.


**Please note that a 50% Surcharge will be applied during set Holiday Periods.

Dog Walking

All dogs are different and require different levels of exercise and stimulation, a lack of which can result in poor health, weight gain or destructive behaviours (digging, destroying things, chewing and excessive barking can all be signs of boredom). Whether you need help with general exercise to remain healthy and happy, tiring out your energetic pooch or assistance with weight management (as recommended by your Vet) we are here to create a custom plan to achieve exactly what you and your pet need. Please keep in mind that for safety purposes we walk a maximum of 5 dogs together on group walks (large/difficult dogs are usually walked individually) to ensure the safety of your dog/s, along with their walker and other animals/people. For added flexibility we have both casual walks and frequent on-going walking programs. For the best value, join our group walks and become a 'Paw Pal' to take advantage of discounted rates - starting from just $30 per walk!

Some of Leading Paws beautiful Paw Pal members (Missy, Oscar and Ashley).
Pet Minding (Home Visits)

This is a great option for a lot of animals, as in-home care/visits allow your pet/s to remain in the familiar comfort of their own home. This minimises the stress and anxiety your animals may experience through being moved to an unfamiliar location, coupled with your absence. Whether you work long hours and have a pet with separation anxiety, or would just like your pets to have a friendly visit, they will get attention, stimulation, feeding, play and exercise (if 60+ minute session is booked). We will customise a care plan that best suits you and ensures your best friend's needs are all taken care of! Home visits usually range from 30-120 minutes starting from $29, or multiple visits per day can also be booked (this can be arranged when customising your care plan). Home Visits can be arranged to care for your pets during a weekend away, or a longer time period upon your request with the peace of mind that a professional, insured carer makes sure your pet has a stay-cation as great as your vacation! Please keep in mind that this service is not suitable for all pets, but no one knows them better than you! So for those suited we look forward to your home Visits.

Visit Usually includes:

Feeding/refilling water (If required)


Play time/stimulation


To add to your service while visiting we are happy to:

Bring in your mail

Put Bins out/Bring them in

Water Plants

Give pets required medication

Pick-up after your pet's toilet time during the visit.

Please Keep in mind that while we are happy to provide these services  there needs to be sufficient time to do so, our main focus is taking care of your Pets and their needs will be our first priority! But that's why we discuss your additional needs when customising your personal care plan to ensure the right visit lengths needed to take care of all of your/your pet's needs!

We had the pleasure of Pet Minding for tese adorable fur babies! (Tumble, Leaf and Felix)
Additional Services


While we are not a grooming service, we do offer backyard baths/brushing as an additional service for you, so you can come home to a happy clean pet! Please let us know if you would like to add this service when contacting us.

If you do not have time, or simply can't take your pet to the Vet, we're happy to help! Simply book a pet minding visit allowing enough time for transport to/from their destination, the appointment time (during which we will stay with your pet to care for and comfort them - a lot of pets don't love their vet trips!), along with enough time to get them settled back at home afterwards. Please contact us with your requirements.

No one enjoys doing the backyard poop patrol! While we always pick-up after your pet during our visits and walks, we also offer a full yard clean up! This will be charged in 15 minute increments (depending on the size of yard, and how long since last clean up).

This water lover didn't want his backyard bath to end so he jumped stright in his private pool! (Riley)
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