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Paw Pals is our customised program for our frequent walkers, and we want to reward them with discounted pricing. So become a Paw pal to enjoy our best value pricing! Every dog is different and your program will be tailored to your specific needs to ensure your dog is happy and healthy.  All dogs require different levels of exercise and stimulation, a lack of which can result in poor health, weight gain or destructive behaviours (digging, chewing and excessive barking can all be signs of boredom). Whether you need help with general exercise to remain healthy and happy, tiring out your energetic pooch or assistance with weight management (as recommended by your Vet) we are here to create a custom plan to achieve exactly what you and your pet need. But we don't stop there, we continue to adjust and grow with your pet over time, to ensure their care program is always catering to their current needs. We will send an update after a walk or visit, so you know how your pet went, with photos wherever possible so you can see how much fun they had! Please keep in mind that for safety purposes we will only walk a maximum of 5 dogs together (large/difficult dogs are usually walked individually). These maximum restrictions are to ensure the safety of your dogs, along with their walker and other animals/people. If you are booking regular on-going visits (eg-for those who work long hours, or those who have quite anxious pets), or 5 weekly group walks (on-going), you may also qualify for the Paw Pals program discounts. To qualify for Paw Pals there is a minimum of one walk/visit per week, set weekday walks and weekly payments. There are no locked-in contracts, only our cancellation/change policy notice.


Please fill out the form below and we can begin creating your personalised Paw Pal program!

Custom program (to ensure your pet is healthy and happy!)


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Paw Pals
Shadow having a blast playing in the puddles at the dog park after an impressive Brisbane summer storm!
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